Be Beautifully, Authentically You

Uncategorized Sep 21, 2020

Personas and authenticity

Most of us have a natural tendency to vary the way in which we present ourselves according to the different people we are interacting with, or situations we are experiencing. When we change our personas to suit different social situations, we may be acting out of character in an attempt to be what or how we think we “should” be. Indeed, we may be acting in accordance with what we believe others would like or prefer, or perhaps to evoke some other specific response from them.

By crafting or inventing the self we present with different people  – for example, with our parents, clients, lovers, friends, teachers, colleagues or bosses – in various situations, we can then find it difficult to identify with our authentic self. By crafting our persona for any particular person or situation, we are not being true to ourselves. We can feel disconnected from ourselves and others can feel disconnected from us.

Becoming authentic is an...

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What Is Your Flavour of Bliss

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2020

We are here to experience wellbeing, joy and fulfilment. By understanding what lights us up and what makes our heart sing, we are able to build our particular flavour of happiness or bliss into our lives. It may come through the outward experience of being a smiley or laugh out loud person, or it may be the sweetness of being comfortable in the quiet of our lives.

Building bliss is about becoming truly comfortable, happy and at peace within ourselves, irrespective of what the outside world has to offer. What makes us happy can only come from our personal perspective and choices. Indeed, becoming comfortable in our own skin and happy within our lives is an ongoing journey. By choosing what makes our heart sing, we are choosing ourselves and choosing to follow our bliss. 

What makes you feel alive?
As you figure out your own flavour of bliss, you are free to create more of it in your life. What makes you feel energised and alive? What really makes you feel vibrant and excited?...

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Self-Reflection is a Key to Wellbeing

Uncategorized Jul 02, 2020

To experience and embody true happiness, life need not always be ideal. We all experience situations that challenge us to grow, learn and expand.

It is how we face our challenges and navigate these experiences that heavily influences our wellbeing. When we can accept each issue or obstacle as an opportunity to achieve personal growth, we become more open to what the experience is teaching us.

Quite often, what we are here to learn, we are also here to teach. Thus, our challenges often provide us with an insight into our soul’s purpose.  

Change is the one constant we can count on to experience in our lives, yet so many people experience fear and anxiety when it comes to change. Fear of the unknown, fear failure, fear of success, fear of what they cannot control, fear of taking responsibility for what they can control.

What we each have in our control provides the most important influence on our experiences and interactions every day. With conscious awareness, we can...

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